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Please Change Your Bookmarks

Reel Reviews has been reborn as NoFace for Film. Spread the word! 🙂

Please update your bookmarks, blogrolls, feed readers, etc.


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The End of Reel Reviews…The Start of Something New

I just wanted to let you all know that I’ve purchased my own domain name and have imported all my Reel Reviews posts to the new blog. I liked for its elegant simplicity but in the end I feel that my blog can’t grow if it stayed here. I also have never been happy with the name Reel Reviews (as much as I liked it) because of the competition I received from more established blogs and sites with similar sounding names.

I’m still in the process of getting things together over there, but I hope that by Monday I’ll be ready to let you all know of the new blog’s name and location.

Once I’ve settled, I’ll start deleting all the posts from here but I’ll keep Reel Reviews running for the next couple of months to direct people to the new blog.

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I Need a Better Name!

EDIT: I’ve already come up with a name. Thanks to everyone with their suggestions!

Sorry, no new movie review today. I haven’t had the chance or time to see any movies recently. I do have a few from Netflix, but I’ve been busy with schoolwork. I hope to do one for Friday.

However, I am considering running a little contest. I’ve never been happy with the name Reel Reviews for this blog since there are like, 5 other blogs/websites with that same name. I need a better, unique name for this blog. I probably won’t use it while I’m at this free account since the name won’t match the URL. I’ll use it someday, when I get my own domain and host this blog myself.

Anyway, the prize is that I design for you a button or a banner for your blog- whichever you prefer. I know it’s not much, but neither is coming up with a name for my blog 😉

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Miyazaki Week(s) Wraps Up

I had planned on reviewing Howl’s Moving Castle for Friday, but since it’s been almost a year since I last saw it, I didn’t think it was fair to review it. There’s several parts about the movie that I had forgotten. It’s best if I rent the movie when it comes out on DVD and review it then.

Tommorow’s going to be a fun review. My sarcasm level was on full tilt when I wrote it 😉

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New Button!

I was procrastinating and decided to make a new button. I really like this new one. It looks more professional than my last two attempts. Feel free to steal it and link to me!

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An Assault on the Senses

I decided to put off today’s review when I found this little gem while Googling movie posters. I’ve been replacing the ginormous movie poster shots from my earlier reviews with smaller ones.

Back in November, I did a review on a shitfest called Death Race 2000. I mentioned how I was scarred for life from seeing David Carradine in nothing but a mask and tiny black briefs.

Well folks, you’re in for a treat. I actually found a screenshot of said scene. Mercifully, the picture quality isn’t very clear, so your eyeballs won’t be that badly damaged.

As for me, I watched this scene with a plasma TV.

I will never be the same again.

So, here it is folks. Click on the thumbnail…if you dare.

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How Can Reel Reviews be Improved?

UPDATE: I’ve started implementing some of the improvements I discussed (and suggested by my commenters) to the posts. From now on, each review will include a little blurb at the beginning which contains the year the movie was made, the director, the rating, the starring cast, AND my own Reel Reviews Rating. I’ll go back to past reviews and add these elements, but it may take some time.

I just wanted to get some feedback from you guys. I’d like to know what you guys think so far about my reviews. Have they been helpful? Are there some things you’d like me to focus on more? Focus on less?

I’d also like to add certain elements to my reviews, and perhaps introduce different kinds of posts as well.

Here are a few things off the top of my head:

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UPDATE #2: Looks like it’s fixed now. Whew!

UPDATE: Oh hell, now MY blog is messed up too!


Is it just me, or is my blog the only one working right now? Foo, you and Steve have something wrong with your comments section and your permanent links. So does ground level coffee.

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