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Call for Contributors

Do you want to review movies on your blog but haven’t been able to since it doesn’t “fit” with your blog’s overall theme? Do you like talking about movies but don’t have the time to manage your own blog? Or do you just want to help out a fellow blogger out of the kindness of your heart? Then become a contributor on Reel Reviews!

As a contributor, I’d like for you to be able to write on a relatively frequent basis. Once or twice a week would be great! If you’d like to write more often, even better!

There aren’t any strict requirements; write the review however you like and on whatever movies you like. Let your creativity shine through!

However, I do ask for three things:

– No spoilers. Please. I’m not just talking about the ending, but key characters, scenes, and plot elements. Don’t write anything about them.

– Please note this is a PG-13 blog; I don’t mind cussing on occasion but I feel that excessive, extremely vulgar language is inappropriate for a review.

– Maintain the same general formula as my own reviews: small poster image, film info, Reel Review Rating, and Technorati Tags at the end.

You may submit reviews that you previously wrote for your own blog.

If you’re interested, please email me.

A caveat: Since has a lot of restrictions, only other members can be multiple authors in a single blog. Therefore, if you don’t have a account and want to contribute to Reel Reviews, you’ll need to sign up for a blog. You don’t have to use it (which I think is a complete waste of a blog), but it’s the only way for now at least.


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