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I Need a Better Name!

EDIT: I’ve already come up with a name. Thanks to everyone with their suggestions!

Sorry, no new movie review today. I haven’t had the chance or time to see any movies recently. I do have a few from Netflix, but I’ve been busy with schoolwork. I hope to do one for Friday.

However, I am considering running a little contest. I’ve never been happy with the name Reel Reviews for this blog since there are like, 5 other blogs/websites with that same name. I need a better, unique name for this blog. I probably won’t use it while I’m at this free account since the name won’t match the URL. I’ll use it someday, when I get my own domain and host this blog myself.

Anyway, the prize is that I design for you a button or a banner for your blog- whichever you prefer. I know it’s not much, but neither is coming up with a name for my blog 😉

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March 15, 2006 Posted by | Miscellaneous | 5 Comments