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My Two Favorite Patrick Swazye Movies

Back in the mid 80’s and early 90’s, Patrick Swayze ruled as the dancing king of smoothness and romance. Women swooned over the sensitive yet manly characters he’s played, and drooled over his muscular, agile dancer’s body. Meanwhile, men admired him for his badassness in movies such as Next of Kin and Roadhouse. Ok, maybe men didn’t really care much for him since no one has ever seen Next of Kin and Roadhouse. Like Fred Astaire and John Travolta before him, Swayze was able to prove that big strong men can be sensitive too, and that men who dance aren’t gay. Let us look at the two best Patrick Swayze movies, because let’s face it- most of his movies really weren’t that great. No, I have not seen Donnie Darko so I can’t pass judgment on it.

“No One Puts Baby in a Corner?

Ah ,yes- one of the most famous lines in this movie. When Dirty Dancing first came out, it didn’t open to blockbuster ratings and results. It was what you would call a sleeper hit- a movie that flew under the radar of most critics and audiences, but at the same time was watched by enough people that made it a huge success and Patrick Swayze a household name.

A teenage girl nicknamed Baby (Jennifer Grey) spends the summer vacationing in a resort in the Catskills with her family before going off to college. Young and naïve, Baby was idealistic, wanting to save the world. She becomes embroiled in the affairs of the resort staff, and when something happens to Penny (Cynthia Rhodes), one of the lead dancers, Baby agrees to take her place temporarily, much to the reluctance of Johnny, Penny’s dance partner. Johnny of course, is played by the one and only Mr. Swayze, and a majority of the film is devoted to scenes that depict the transformation of Baby from a person with two left feet to a good dancer.

Not surprisingly, Johnny and Baby fall for each other and a forbidden romance develops between this privileged, well-to-do girl and a young man not used to having the world hand him opportunities on a plate. Dirty Dancing is a tre romantic movie, and the closing dance sequence is simply awesome. When my mom and I first rented this movie, we watched the closing so many times we thought we’d break the tape.


Ok, here’s the deal- do not watch Ghost unless you have the full intention of crying afterwards. Period. If you want to maintain your composure and not be reduced to a weeping, puffy mess, then DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE. My college roommate and I once stumbled upon this movie while channel surfing and we thought, “Eh, there’s nothing else on TV,? so decided to watch it. About an hour later we were sobbing like two idiots.

Ghost is the story of the power of a couple’s love that is so strong that not even death could stop it. Swayze plays Sam, an investment banker (or something like that) who is killed in an apparently attempted mugging. Sam’s ghost doesn’t immediately leave for the Great Beyond and remains close to his girlfriend Molly, played by the lovely Demi Moore, absolutely adorable in her pixie haircut. Sam tries to find out who killed him and enlists the aid of Oda Mae Brown, a medium played by Whoopi Goldberg. This role garnered Goldberg a Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

The scenes in which Sam tries to make contact with Molly are so heart wrenching that it makes you think, “What would happen if MY significant other suddenly dies? Would I be able to see him/her again? I sure would like to, just one last time.? The closing scene is so emotional. If you aren’t reduced to tears by watching it, then you are simply a heartless freak. Or a guy. Overall it’s a very enjoyable movie, recommended to those in the mood for a good weep fest.

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November 16, 2005 - Posted by | Specific Actors


  1. Fred Astaire — NOT a big strong man! LOL.

    Comment by Haemi | November 17, 2005 | Reply

  2. LOL, good point Haemi! I should rewrite that sentence.

    Comment by Toni | November 17, 2005 | Reply

  3. I’m not big on the horror movies.

    Comment by bugsbutt | November 18, 2005 | Reply

  4. hey i love them movies there so romantic and sweet.i love patrick he is DEAD SEXY.You ever doesnt like him is on crack.i also like Penny(Cynthia Rhodes) i got all the posters of patrick swayze in Ghost with MOlly and Him in dorty dancing with penny and baby and lisa

    Comment by Sachia Barger | December 7, 2005 | Reply

  5. Funny, Travolta is supposed to play JR Hewwing in the bigscreen version of Dallas! I can’t imagine him playing that role, but I have a feeling he’ll pull it off. I wonder if it’s going to be a comedy, or a drama?

    Comment by mr skin | October 18, 2006 | Reply

  6. best wishes to patrick swazye i have enjoyed every movie he has made he is a gentleman thankyou for the pleasure patrick you have given to millions of people

    Comment by dee | March 8, 2008 | Reply

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